Economic development is the expansion of capacities that contribute to the advancement of society through the realization of individuals’, firms’, and communities’ potential. (Feldman, Hadjimichael, Kemeny, Lanahan).

In higher education, economic development means proactive institutional engagement, with partners and stakeholders, in sustainable growth of the competitive capacities that contribute to the advancement of society through the realization of the regional-to-global economic and social potential of said individuals, firms, and communities.(APLU, UEDA [2015] Higher Education Engagement in Economic Development: Foundations for Strategy and Practice)

The Office of the VPED is NMSU’s primary resource for statewide economic development and wealth creation. We work to connect off-campus partners with NMSU’s considerable research, technical, and professional expertise – to be a “problem solver” for New Mexico.

Economic Development is realized through programs, services, and activities focused on InnovationPlace, and Talent. Combined, they are Economic Engagement, the future of innovation in society (Guston [2015], School for the Future of Innovation in Society)

Links to Innovation, Place (Engagement), and Talent tell you who is doing what and through what programs.  Join us as we work to leverage NMSU System’s strengths and talents with those of our partners to benefit efforts across New Mexico.

Do you have a question about forming a strategic alliance between your organization and NMSU, finding a technology-based investment opportunity, or starting or expanding a business?

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