Economic engagement moves discovery from learned on to benefit beyond campus.

It puts scholarship into action, marshaling resources from across campus in innovative solutions to entrepreneur, community, and company needs.

The goal is to discover and execute solutions beneficial to campus, community, and company. The Arrowhead Center, Pete. V. Domenici Institute, and Corporate Engagement Initiative can be the starting point for finding answers to economic and community development questions. After looking through their portals, if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the OVPED.

Do you have a question about forming a strategic alliance between your organization and NMSU, finding a technology-based investment opportunity, or starting or expanding a business?

Arrowhead Center commercializes technology and helps small businesses at all stages start and grow through its services, resources, connections, and expertise.

Arrowhead is committed to economic development in the region having established services to help researchers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs pioneer innovative technologies, businesses, and partnerships.

The Corporate Engagement Initiative is industry's pathway to New Mexico State University.

We design, build, and engender partnerships between companies and university faculty and students, to advance our shared research and education goals.

Fostering learning through scholarship and engagement regarding policy issues confronting the State and Nation.